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Why People Volunteer

People of all ages and all backgrounds get involved in many different tasks for a wide range of voluntary organisations. There are many reasons why people volunteer, here is just a small selection –

Make a Difference

Passionate about animals or human rights; interested in art, sport or music; frustrated by the housing crisis or the rubbish dumped in your local park? You can share your skills and experience working for causes that you are interested in, or assist in creating change in the areas that you care about.

Gain New Skills

Keen to learn new skills, or refresh old ones? Just a couple of hours a week can really enhance your job prospects and help to fill any gaps in your CV. Over 70% of employers from the leading 200 companies say they would hire a candidate with volunteering experience rather than someone who has never volunteered.

Meet New People

Volunteering offers you the chance to have amazing experiences and make friends with people from all walks of life.

Build Confidence and Feel Good

Volunteering can help you develop the confidence to try out different things. Knowing that your skills are valued and contributing to your community can improve your self-esteem. There is a great deal of satisfaction that comes from making a difference.

Give Something Back

Have you benefitted from the work of a charity or community group? By getting involved you can show appreciation for what you or others close to you have gained, using your experience to help others in similar circumstances.

Contact Us

You can contact Volunteer Centre East Riding and get help to find the right opportunity for you.  Give us a call to have a chat or arrange to come into the office

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