VANL And ERVAS Merger Exploration


VANL and ERVAS merger exploration

Voluntary Action North Lincolnshire and East Riding Voluntary Action Services (ERVAS) Ltd are exploring the potential the benefits of the two organisations merging. No decision has been made at this time, however we will be embarking on a thorough consultation process, with all who have an interest in the organisations – first and foremost members, followed by partners and funders.

The main reason we are exploring this is to strengthen voluntary sector support across the areas and improve long term sustainability of both organisations.

Other reasons for exploring the merger include:

  • Both organisations are already local infrastructure organisation’s with very similar charitable objectives and share a boundary
  • Both organisations hold the same values and ethos
  • It will provide increased skills and capacity to meet current and new needs
  • It increases the range of specialism’s available for both areas
  • Retains local memberships
  • Retains services with the voluntary sector at the heart
  • Achieves savings providing opportunities for investing in growing and developing services

You can get involved now by completing the first stage questionnaire.

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