Trustee nominations

Trustee nominations – 13th February 2019

David Winter
David has been nominated by Roos and District CIC to become a Trustee of ERVAS. David has 22 years of service with the Roos Parish Council, which includes 15 years as chairman. Over 20 years as the secretary of the Roos Village Amenities Association and owns a small property business.
David has a wealth of knowledge in strategic management, financial knowledge, funding experience, working with the media, Human Resources experience and local government.

Joanne Scholes
Joanne has been nominated by Peter Choules a current Trustee. Joanne currently works as the admin officer at Hutton Cranswick CP School. Her previous roles have included, Corporate Communications Manager at City Health Care Partnership (CHCP) and Engagement Manager (CHCP). Joanne has 13 years of experience of working with Hull Regeneration Projects, Hull City Vision/CityVenture.