Policies & Procedures Toolkit

Running an organisation means making decisions about how you will operate. A clear set of policies and procedures help ensure that your organisation is well run.

Policies are clear, simple statements of how your organisation intends to conduct its operations. They provide a set of guiding principles to help with decision making, and will have been adopted for use by the Trustees.

Policies will also:

  • Ensure compliance with the law and regulation.
  • Provide appropriate controls including a framework for delegation by the board of trustees to staff or volunteers that set out how things should be done and what is expected of people.
  • Transparency and accountability that the board of trustees will be conducting the work of the charity appropriately.
  • Limit risk

Procedures describe how each policy will be put into action in your organisation.

Each procedure should outline:

  • Who will do what
  • What steps they need to take
  • Which forms or documents to use.

Read more detailed information on the NCVO website

ERVAS recommend a number of key policies that every organisation should have. 

We are calling this our Policy Toolkit.

Within the policy toolkit you will find template policies as word documents for your organisation to adopt, amend or use as your own template, along with some guidance notes. We will add to these and review them in line with good practice and legislation. Please note that it is the responsibilities of the Trustees to ensure that these are fit for purpose for your organisation. You should also check that the policies you adopt are compliant with the law and your organisation’s governing document.

Policy Toolkit – Essentials

If you wish to discuss implementing these policies with in your organisation, or need help with developing any policy, please get in touch with us here at ERVAS.

Policy Toolkit – HR

Please submit a request for support from ERVAS, and we will work with you in developing your HR policies.

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