The Meaning of Adult Safeguarding

The Care Act 2014 statutory guidance defines Adult Safeguarding as –

  • Protecting an adult’s rights to live in safety, free from abuse
  • People and organisations working together to prevent abuse
  • Promote the ‘Adults’ ‘Wellbeing’ as set out in the Care Act 2014
  • Having regard to the adults views, wishes, feelings and beliefs in deciding any action to protect them from abuse
  • Raising public awareness and providing information

Organisations and groups working with adults at risk should always promote the adult’s wellbeing in their safeguarding arrangements. People have complex lives and being safe is only one of the things they want for themselves. Professionals should work with the adult to establish what being safe means to them and how that can be best achieved.

Professionals and other staff should not be advocating “safety” measures that do not take account of individual well-being, as defined in Section 1 of the Care Act.

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