Introduction to Adult Safeguarding

This section of the website provides an overview the key elements of adult safeguarding, it provides links to local and national information and guidance and within the Learning & Development section details of our Adult Safeguarding training as well as links to more detailed reading.

Many of you will be familiar with the term ‘Vulnerable Adult’ which was taken from the ‘No Secrets’ guidance; that guidance was replaced in 2014 with the Care Act Statutory guidance.

Since then many adult safeguarding practitioners have begun using the term ‘Adult at risk of harm or Adult at risk of abuse’ to replace the term vulnerable adult.

The term ‘adult at risk’ is used in this website to replace ‘vulnerable adult’. This is because the term ‘vulnerable adult’ may wrongly imply that some of the fault for the abuse lies with the victim of abuse. We use ‘adult at risk’ as an exact replacement for ‘vulnerable adult’ as that phrase is still commonly used by many individuals and within some organisations.

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