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The East Riding Volunteer Centre is able to support volunteer managers and volunteer coordinators in the Private, Public, Voluntary and Community sectors from across the East Riding of Yorkshire. We acknowledge that some individuals have a very specific role in managing volunteers. In other cases volunteer management and coordination is part of another job role, whilst some are volunteers who have taken on the role of coordinating or managing other volunteers within a group or organisation. Whatever your situation the Volunteer Centre staff will do all we can to support you and your volunteers.

Improving Volunteer Management can help –

  • Give structure to your volunteering organisation
  • Enhance the volunteering experience for your volunteers
  • Standardise professional processes and procedures across your organisation
  • Get the most from your volunteers
  • Retain volunteers more effectively
  • Reduce potential risks for your volunteers, service users and organisation
  • Demonstrate your investment in volunteers to potential funders

Volunteer Centre East Riding Aims to Support Volunteer Involving Organisations by –

  • Providing advice and guidance to Volunteer Managers on managing and supporting volunteers
  • Supplying information and good practice guidance on the development of policy and procedure in respect of managing volunteers
  • Developing and promoting volunteering opportunities within the community
  • Acting as an independent broker for potential volunteers and volunteer involving organisations
  • Helping volunteer involving organisations in the support and management of their volunteers
  • Campaigning on issues relevant to volunteering both locally and regionally
  • When necessary, providing a more strategic voice either locally or nationally via membership of various local and national groups and bodies
  • Providing opportunities for networking and communication with Volunteer Managers across the county and via the Humber Volunteer Managers Network (across the sub-region)


Health Checks

Developing a good quality volunteer programme is a serious business. It is important to spend time creating robust systems that provide a professional structure around the recruitment and management of volunteers of all ages. Cutting corners can lead to disillusionment and a lack of commitment from your volunteers which will lead to a poor service to clients. Getting things wrong can also cost your organisation financially by way of legal expense due to civil litigation.

To prevent things going wrong why not get the East Riding Volunteer Centre to undertake a confidential health check of your group or organisation.

We have a range of sample policies and procedures that you may be able to adapt to suit your particular group.

Looking for information on a particular volunteering issue? We have over twenty help sheets on a range of topics that you can download from our website in the ‘Downloads’ section.


Contact Us

You can contact Volunteer Centre East Riding and get current information on a wide range of issues concerning volunteer management in the following ways –

Open for appointments: Monday – Thursday 9.00 am – 4.00 pm (please phone or email in advance to arrange).

Phone: 01482 8710 77


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