Fortnightly Update from ERVAS – 29.10.2021



Fortnightly Update from ERVAS – 29.10.2021


ERVAS Services Update

Events & Training
We have a number of events and webinars taking place (you can click the date or time to book a place):

You can find full details of events and training on our dedicated websites:


Funding alert
Fundraising platform easyfundraising is offering East Riding voluntary sector organisations the chance to win a £100 donation simply by setting up a free fundraising page. easyfundraising enables your organisation to benefit from free donations when your staff, volunteers and other supporters do their Christmas shopping online this year with over 6,000 retailers.

Find out more here.


No Tricks, Just Treats!
Fancy a treat this Halloween? Sign up to Your Charity Lottery for just £1 a week which can turn into a spellbinding win of up to £10,000. Signing up provides us with vital funds and offers us the chance to give you a treat back in the form of a win. Don’t turn into a pumpkin – sign up, support and win today!

For more information, follow the link below:

Want to find a new role in the Voluntary Sector?
There are a number of voluntary sector organisations recruiting for new staff members within our area. We have details of some of these roles on our website.  You can view the roles, or even add your own role.

View and apply for jobs in the voluntary sector

Voluntary Sector Updates

Victim Support

Join Victim Support on 17th November at 2pm to find out what resources we have for adult survivors of child sexual abuse. You don’t need to be a sexual violence practitioner to receive a disclosure of child sexual abuse from someone you are supporting or working with. Anyone working or volunteering in roles where they meet people may potentially hear disclosures like this. It can be difficult to know what to say or where to signpost people for support, especially if you don’t work within sexual violence or abuse support services.

Victim Support has a number of resources for survivors and professionals who are looking for information. These include a number of online, interactive workbooks for survivors and a toolkit for professionals who receive a disclosure. The webinar will explain our resources in more detail and cover how you can signpost people to these. It also explains what support we have for professionals receiving a disclosure and how you can help survivors access support.
This free webinar is suitable for anyone working with or volunteering with the public. To register your place through Eventbrite, click here.

The webinar will take place at 2pm, 17th November via Zoom. However, I am also happy to book a session with your organisation if you have a team of people who are interested in attending. If you have any queries, please get in touch with Ellen Hall at

A support service for families and victims who have been affected by child exploitation

The right space (is) for families facing child exploitation
Offering a distinct and focused support service

The Right Space’s purpose is to:

  • Champion the voices of parents, carers and families.
  • Increase awareness, to support a better understanding of the complexity of issues and needs surrounding child exploitation.
  • Offer a distinct and focused support service for families and children who have suffered or are suffering the plight of exploitation.
  • Develop parent and carer groups and forums to offer support in Bridlington, Beverley and Goole
  • One to one support for families and online support.
  • Provide links and effective supportive measures.
  • Work with established services including educational settings to provide and develop support networks for families and children with a view to safeguard children from exploitation.


For general enquiries or information about the support offered please contact or call 07310387811

Find us on the social media pages below:
Facebook – @TheRightspaceEY Twitter – @TheRightSpaceEY Instagram – @therightspaceey

A small charity supporting families and children to come back together in The Right Space”
Registered Charity Number 11915882020

HEY LEP Economic Growth and Workforce Wellbeing Strategy Consultation

The Hull and East Yorkshire LEP has now been in existence for a little over six months and in this short time we have achieved a number of key milestones, including recruiting our Board and sub-Boards, receiving a glowing mid-year review report from the Government and being successful in bringing an official COP 26 event to the region, to be held on Monday 18th October at the Hull City Hall.

We have been working with our many partners to develop our first economic strategy, building a robust evidence base to ensure we focus on the region’s key strengths and opportunities and to define our strategic priorities.

The consultation process is designed to further assist us in producing our overall regional strategy and is being led by the Board and produced by the LEP Executive team, with much appreciated support from external colleagues. The strategy is designed to bring together and add value to the existing economic strategies of both Hull and East Riding Councils, defining the role of the private sector and focusing on where the LEP can deliver outcomes and outputs to help drive the local economy.

To help you to consider and respond in a focussed way to our strategy, we have included a series of questions at the end of the document, which we hope are helpful. Of course, we would also appreciate any other comments that will aid us in creating the final version prior to its formal publication later this year.

Our strategy can be viewed here:

Please send any comments to us at by midnight on the 14th November.

An event for all leaders, managers and trustees
of VCS groups working in and around Bridlington

Free for members and non-members (please share with your colleagues and networks)
16th November 11.30am-1.30pm

Come and see the facilities on offer at Bridlington Community Hub, at this workshop to explore the challenges and opportunities for those leading and developing voluntary groups and charities operating in and around Bridlington.

This workshop and lunch for leaders of voluntary and community groups in Bridlington will introduce you to the benefits of the free HEY Confident Futures programme and will allow you to:

  • Get to know other VCS Leaders in Bridlington
  • Explore the local resources available to VCS Leaders in Bridlington (such as governance, funding, volunteering and development support)
  • Identify the local challenges facing VCS Leaders in Bridlington in 2021
  • Identify the local support needed by VCS Leaders in Bridlington into 2022
Please book your place via Eventbrite

The workshop will be followed by a buffet lunch and networking and runs from 11.30am-1.30pm. This is a HEY Confident Futures event in partnership with ERVAS and the Bridlington Community Hub.

Bridlington Community Hub is located at 2a Marshall Avenue, Bridlington YO15 2DS
There is time-limited free on-street parking nearby.

We reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee (to cover costs incurred for your booking) if you cancel within 5 working days of the date of the event or if you fail to attend.

National Voluntary Sector Updates

NAVCA Update


Steps your charity can take to protect the planet

If you’re a CEO, trustee or senior leader, are you committed to ensuring that your charity and staff are empowered, encouraged and inspired to make changes that will help our planet?

Here are seven simple steps you can take to play your part in fighting climate change.


ENSURING CHARITIES ‘DO IT PROPERLY’ – Maintaining Standards in the Charity Sector

This is the latest report produced by Community Matters. The report looks at some of the implications of the withdrawal of the Charity Commission endorsement scheme some years ago.
The report shows that in the last 5 years serious incident reports reported to the Charity Commission have nearly tripled.
It also shows that early identification of issue issues and problems reduce the significance of the consequences. The report also shows that there is clear evidence of the benefits of quality assurance in the charitable and not for profit sector.

Fill in this form to receive a free copy of the report.


COVID-19 communications toolkit

Please click here for the latest version of the communications toolkit for you to use to share COVID-19 information with your communities and networks.

This week’s key messages are:

  • As winter approaches, we must all be extra careful to follow safer behaviours advice to tackle COVID-19, such as keeping inside areas ventilated.
  • We must all prepare for the flu season as well. So getting a flu vaccine is very important this winter especially as having COVID-19 and flu at the same time doubles the risk of death. Those eligible for the free flu vaccine should book their appointments as soon as possible.
  • This week, Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawi and Health Secretary Sajid Javid have written a joint letter to parents of secondary school and college students to talk about the importance of vaccinations and regular testing.


Charity Governance Awards 2022: now open for entries

Entries are now open for the Charity Governance Awards, a not-for-profit initiative created to celebrate outstanding governance and trusteeship in charities across the UK. The four categories for 2022 are: Board Equity, Diversity and Inclusion; Transforming With Digital; COVID-19 Response: Embracing Opportunity and Harnessing Risk for Long-Term Change, and Improving Impact in Small Charities. The winner of each category will receive a £5,000 unrestricted grant as a prize, with runners-up receiving £1,000 each. Find out more and enter for free before 26 January 2022 here.


New film launched urging public to get flu and COVID-19 vaccines

A new campaign has been launched encouraging those eligible to get a free flu vaccine and COVID-19 booster vaccine ahead of winter.

Details of the campaign and accompanying film, and recent research commissioned by the Cabinet Office on perceptions of COVID-19 and flu vaccines can be found here.

Fraud, Scams and Digital Updates

NTS Scam Alert

Hundreds of Herefordshire homeowners targeted by scam
Herefordshire Council’s Trading Standards service is warning residents not to fall for spray foam loft insulation scams currently active in the county. more

Builder who conned customers jailed for a year and banned from trade for life
Builder Anthony Robinson, 69, of Belvedere Close, North Anston, Sheffield, has been jailed for a year and banned from working in the trade indefinitely after pleading guilty to offences of unfair and misleading trading at Sheffield Crown Court. more

Welsh Government warning over NHS Covid pass scam ‘to steal money and personal details’
The Welsh Government is urging people to be aware of a new Covid pass scam that’s circulating as a way to target the public to steal money, financial details and personal information. In light of the new scam, the government wants to remind people that the NHS will not be sending out invitations for Covid passes. more

Warning as new phone scam targets those living in Cheltenham
A number of reports have been received over recent days of a new scam where offenders text the victim’s phone number saying they are their son and are using a new phone and number due to damaging their previous one. more

‘I feel humiliated, depressed and angry’: the devastating impact of pension scams
When Davina Frost was advised to invest her pension savings in an overseas property scheme, she thought she was boosting her chances of a comfortable retirement. Instead, she’s now facing an uphill battle to recover even a fraction of her original investment. more

Fake ‘notice of enforcement’ emails: how to spot County Court Judgement scam
Criminals are posing as County Court bailiffs in a bid to scare victims into handing over their cash. more

How to prevent cyber-attacks on remote workers
With more and more staff working remotely due to the pandemic and, with many companies planning to continue that practice once the pandemic is over, cyber-attacks are becoming more of an issue for businesses. more

Watch out for phishing emails impersonating UK supermarkets
Fake marketing surveys promising gift cards of up to £100 for filling them out are impersonating the likes of ASDA, Morrisons and Tesco. more

Which? Scam Alert

Fake ads rife on search engines
Earlier this year, we reported that scammers were running riot on Google and Bing. How? Scammers pose as genuine financial services firms, paying for their ads to appear at the top of search results, and invite people to enter their contact details so that they can call them about bogus investment opportunities.

When we looked at Bing it took seconds to find an ad for a website on the Financial Conduct Authority warning list. And, while Google appears to have stamped out most rogue financial advertisers, unregulated ones are still slipping through.

Here’s what we found and what Microsoft had to say.

Phishing alert: fake McAfee and Norton Antivirus emails
Fake emails are currently circulating posing as McAfee and Norton Antivirus informing people that their subscriptions are at an end and need renewing. The emails ask you to click through on links in order to ‘renew the subscriptions’. Some even attempt to trick you into contacting the scammers using the details at the bottom of the email.

Here are copies of the emails.

Fake Primark gift card email
Phishing emails promising Primark gift card ‘rewards’ have been circulating. They work by claiming that you need to ‘activate the delivery’ in order to receive the reward and even attempt to deceive you by including ‘your account information’. Here’s what they look like.

More than one million households in the UK could have been victims of Amazon ‘brushing’
We all love a freebie, but receiving or being delivered a package you’ve not paid for in this case isn’t a win.

Amazon ‘brushing’ is a scam where fraudulent Amazon sellers send cheap-to-ship items to unsuspecting people, then falsely log it as a genuine sale in order to artificially inflate sales volumes.

Here’s the lowdown on ‘brushing’ and what to do to ensure your Amazon account hasn’t been compromised.

Amazon ‘brushing’ explained

If you’d like to know our members’ stories and what they reported to us, our recent survey highlights the scale of the scam.

Our members’ experiences

Impact of scams on victims’ wellbeing amounts to £9.3bn
Our latest research with consultancy Simetrica-Jacobs found that being a scam victim is associated with lower life satisfaction, comparable to being threatened or targeted by thieves. The average drop in wellbeing for victims of fraud has been valued at £2,509 a year, with online scams causing the most harm with an even higher estimate of £3,684.

Here’s more on how the UK’s fraud epidemic is impacting people’s welfare and what we’re doing about it.

Cracking down on fraud

Pension scams on the rise
Fraudsters are exploiting pension reforms and the uncertainty created by the pandemic to trick people out of their life savings.

People like Davina, who invested their pension savings into what they believed to be a legitimate scheme, are now facing an uphill battle to recover even a fraction of their original investment.

Here are the tactics scammers are using to part you from your cash – and what you can do to avoid falling victim.

The devastating impact

Our video gives you the three warning signs you also need to know to avoid a pension scam.

Three warning signs

Health Updates

Humber Acute Services Programme

Children and Young People – What matters to you?
Your NHS is making changes and we want to know what children and young people think. Whether you’re 18 months or 18 years or any age in between, we want to know what we can do to look after you the best we can and make you feel better quickly. We also want to hear from your parents, carers and other important adults in your life.

We want to understand what worries you about coming into hospital, what is ok and what you would change if you had a magic wand!

What to do now
There are a few ways you can get involved:

  • Click here to download a fun booklet (Recommended for ages 5-11)
  • Click here to complete a short questionnaire (Recommended for ages 12-17)
  • Or ask a grown up to email or call 07593444919 and we will send you a booklet in the post for you to fill in at home.

Prizes to be won!
You can also win a cool prize for getting involved!
For more information on the Humber Acute Services Programme, please visit

Calling parents and carers across the Humber – Tell us what matters to you?
Across the Humber, the NHS and local partners are looking at ways to improve healthcare in our region and we want your input to help us make the best changes for you and your family.
The Humber Acute Services programme is looking at how to make healthcare work better for local people. It is looking at the types of healthcare and treatments that people typically receive from one of our five main hospitals in the region:

  • Diana Princess of Wales Hospital, Grimsby
  • Scunthorpe General Hospital
  • Hull Royal Infirmary
  • Castle Hill Hospital
  • Goole and District Hospital

We are thinking about how these services could be provided differently in the future, whether in hospitals or GP surgeries, at home or on the high street.

We would really like to hear from parents and carers of children and young people who have experience of using one of our hospitals for paediatric care to better understand from your perspective what works well, what doesn’t and what could change to improve your experience.
Please take 5 minutes to complete this short survey to help us understand what is most important to you as we work to plan for the future.

You can find out more about why we need to make changes and keep up to date on the work of the Humber Acute Services programme on our

Public Health England Drug Alert
Please find attached details of a Public Health England issued Drug Alert relating to an increase in Opioid overdoses linked to a potent synthetic opioid that may be in adulterated heroin/opiate-based preparations.

In the past 10-14 days there have been an unprecedented number of overdoses (with some deaths) in people who use drugs, primarily heroin, in some parts of the country (5 London boroughs, Hampshire, Essex, West Sussex, Dorset, Thames Valley).

Please distribute and action as per the attached guidance to relevant partners, community organisations, and services.

If you require further information or guidance in relation to this alert or any drug concern, please contact

View the drug alert here

Community Safety Updates

Message Type Icon

Campaign Launched To Protect More Children from Sexual Exploitation

Community Safety News – What Do You See?
If you think about your idea of who a typical child sex offender is, or who the child that is being exploited sexually is, what comes to mind?

Age, nationality, ethnicity, gender, social and economic background. Sexual offenders and victims of child sexual exploitation don’t fall into any one category, and we want to break the pre-conceptions you may have from TV shows or the media of a ‘typical’ suspect and victim.

We have today, Monday 18 October, launched a campaign solely focussed on helping you more easily recognise the genuine signs that a child may be being exploited.

Child sexual exploitation (CSE) is an area which goes heavily unreported; it’s a hidden crime. We know it happens and is sadly not an issue unique to our area, but we want to raise awareness of some of the signs you may be able to spot, whether it’s your child or someone else’s, so that we can protect more children from the hands of sexual predators using them for their own personal gain.

Protecting vulnerable people has always been our number one priority, but if we don’t know something is happening, we can’t take action to stop it.

We are actively asking for your help in reporting any activity, online or physical, which concerns you. No matter how small, nothing is wasting our time, and it will be treated seriously. We have a dedicated team who focus solely on investigating CSE reports and all come to work every day with a goal of protecting children.

You can find out more about the signs to recognise and how you can report any suspicious people or behaviour here:

Over the coming weeks, you will see our ‘What do you see?’ adverts on social media, in businesses, on billboards and more. We encourage you to share these with your friends and family, so that collectively we can tackle CSE and safeguard children from harm’s way.

Links and attachments: Humberside Police will only ever link you to secure web-sites we trust. We will only send you attachments where we believe it is absolutely necessary.

SMGraphhic_1200x628px_Car.jpg – 506.0 KB

Email tracking gif

Message Sent By
Nicola Mitchell (Police, Communications Officer, Humberside)


PCC working with leading organisation on study of violence against women and girls

Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for Humberside Jonathan Evison has commissioned a study into the local reality of violence and abuse against women and girls. For some time, the Office of the PCC has been looking at this specific issue and employs a dedicated manager, Marie Morgan, and a data analyst who are building a local picture of serious violence including domestic abuse with a specific focus on male violence against women and girls.

The PCC’s office has recently commissioned leading research and training organisation VictimFocus, led by Dr Jessica Taylor, who have extensive experience of working with victims and survivors to run a survey of women and girls aged 16+ in the Humber area to help us build a real picture of what violence against women and girls looks like in our region and assist us in understanding what we can do to work collectively to address the issue.

The anonymous survey will ask for women’s experiences of all forms of violence since birth and we would like as many women and girls aged 16 and over as possible to take part in the study to ensure their voices are heard.

Office of the PCC Chief Executive Rachel Cook said: “We are living in changing times. The reality of violence against women and girls is felt all around us, even more so over the past few weeks with heightened media coverage of the dreadful loss of lives we have seen.

“Our office has been looking at this specific issue for some time now and the Police and Crime Commissioner has made it a priority in his Police and Crime Plan to be published next week. We have invested in resources to look at long term solutions to address specifically domestic abuse but this agenda goes way beyond violence in the home. This survey is an opportunity for us to better understand the experiences of women and girls in our area so that we can make informed decisions about how we can help to prevent male violence and better protect women and girls.

“We shall use the information women provide in order to gain a better understanding of the root causes of violence and abuse and how we can work better together to prevent it. We would like to hear from all women in Hull, East Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire, particularly from older women and those who are marginalised by faith or ethnicity.”

Women and girls aged 16+ can click here to take the survey

For anyone who is affected by violence, details of support services can be found at

Visit for more information on VictimFocus

East Riding Safeguarding Adults Board (ERSAB) Strategy 2022-2025

ERSAB currently have a three-year strategy (click the link here to see the current strategy 2019-22) which describes how we work together to protect vulnerable adults at risk of harm. The current strategy now needs to be reviewed and we would like to consult with as many residents as possible. We would like you to tell us what you think should be included in our new strategy.

Seeking Your Views 
Over the next few months, we will be working to put a new three-year safeguarding strategy in place which covers the whole of the East Riding of Yorkshire.

To help us do this, we want to hear your views and comments on the actions you think we should take in the next three years to help people stay safe in the East Riding. This will help us to make sure that we’re focusing on the right things and the issues that matter most to you.

Please click the link   ERSAB Strategy 2022 – 2025 Survey to access the survey and help shape the future of our Strategy for the next three years

The deadline for responses is Sunday 31st October 2021.

An Easy Read version of the survey is also available on the ERSAB website.

More information can be found on our website
Contact us at

Surveys are due back by Sunday 31st October 2021.   

Effective Support for Children, Young People and Families In The East Riding of Yorkshire Thresholds, Referrals & Consent Briefing

To introduce you to the updated Threshold of Intervention and Need Guidance and how to use it to help inform your decision making.

To inform you how to make requests for service to the new Early Help Locality Hubs (formerly Children’s Centres, Prevention & Education Team and Youth and Family Support) and the Child Safeguarding Hub (Children’s Social Care) when additional or intensive support is needed for children, young people and their families or you have a safeguarding concern.

To help you understand when consent is needed to discuss a child’s situation or make a request for service.
To Book a place chose a session below and apply by emailing your details to the ERSCP as detailed below.

Sessions: All will be delivered via Teams on the dates below.

Day Date Time
Wednesday 17 November 15:45 – 16:45
Tuesday 14 December 15:45 – 16:45

How to apply:
Please email with the following information and a link to your chosen date will be forwarded to you.

Full Name Team Job Title Email Chosen Date

Hidden Harm: Impact on Children of Parental Mental Illness/Substance Misuse
On-line training

To raise awareness of the hidden impact on children and young people of substance misuse or mental illness within the family and increase practitioners use of ERSCP Hidden Harm Tool Kit

Learning Outcomes:
By the end of this course you will

  • Have considered what life might be like for children living with parents/carers who are using drugs or alcohol and/or have a mental health problem
  • Have an understanding of the short and long term impact on children
  • Have explored how substance misuse and/or mental illness affects parents/carers ability to meet their children’s needs
  • Start to use the ERSCB Hidden Harm Tool Kit and other relevant tools

NB: In addition to the 3.5 hour virtual course participants will be given preparation work to complete prior to joining the training. 
Course Dates

09:30 – 13.00 Wednesday 24.11.2021

Booking is via

Funding News

Magic Little Grants 2021 

Smaller charities and community groups across Great Britain can apply for a one-off £500 grant from 1 March until 31 October 2021.

Six funding trusts from the People’s Postcode Lottery and Localgiving will be working together to award more than £1 million in small grants to some 2,000 charitable organisations in England, Scotland and Wales over the next six months.

Unlike previous years when projects had to deliver sports or physical activities, this year (2021) the funding aims to support organisations carrying out projects that address the following themes:

  • Improving mental wellbeing
  • Enabling community participation in the arts
  • Preventing or reducing the impact of poverty
  • Supporting marginalised groups and promoting equality
  • Improving biodiversity and green spaces
  • Enabling participation in physical activity
  • Responding to the climate emergency and promoting sustainability
  • Increasing community access to outdoor space.

Organisations that receive a grant will also be awarded a year of free membership (funded by the player’s of the People’s Postcode Lottery). This means that the grant recipient will not have to pay the £80 + VAT membership fee, although they will still be required to set up a direct debit upon registration.
Also new for 2021, charitable organisations that are schools or connected to schools may apply. This is in addition to registered charities, Community Interest Companies (CICs), Charitable Incorporated Organisations (CIOs, SCIOs) social enterprises, and other not-for-profit community organisations.

Applications will be accepted from 1 March 2021 to 31 October 2021.

Find out more

Humber, Coast and Vale Green Social Prescribing Programme Grants 2021
The Humber, Coast and Vale (HCV) Health and Care Partnership has secured funding to develop a ‘test and learn’ site for Green Social Prescribing (GSP) across our six places of East Yorkshire, Hull, North Yorkshire, Vale of York, North Lincolnshire and North East Lincolnshire. The aim of the ‘test and learn’ sites is to embed GSP into communities in order to:

  • Improve mental health outcomes
  • Reduce health inequalities
  • Reduce demand on the health and social care system
  • Develop best practice in making green social activities more resilient and accessible.

The programme is funded by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, NHS England, NHS Improvement, Natural England, the Department of Health and Social Care, Public Health England, the Ministry of Housing Communities and Local Government, the National Academy for Social Prescribing and Sport England. The programme is being delivered by the Lead Organisation HEY Smile Foundation and runs from April 2021 to March 2023. We are looking to fund projects that ‘improve people’s mental and physical wellbeing through activities that occur outdoors and in nature’.

Activities need to ensure they are open and accessible and can link with local healthcare initiatives such as Social Prescribing. Successful applicants will also be required to act as a referral point for individuals accessing Social Prescribing as part of the wider work of the Humber, Coast and Vale Green Social Prescribing Test and Learn Site. For this reason we are looking for projects that supports adults, in particular those with mild to moderate mental health issues, helping to prevent admission to NHS facilities by developing early or alternative interventions to clinical need. We are also interested in hearing about projects that seek to remove health inequalities and disparity in health outcomes, with a focus on diversity in the population.

Projects must be working in, or serving, one of Humber, Coast and Vale’s six ‘Places’: North East Lincolnshire; North Lincolnshire; Hull; East Yorkshire; Vale of York; North Yorkshire.
Through this fund we are looking for organisations and groups to enhance their existing offer, or develop new and innovative activities, to facilitate an increase in safe referrals from healthcare systems such as Social Prescribing.
We have three Grants available. Please choose and apply for the grant that best suits your organisations or group.

Seed Grant:
The Green Social Prescribing Seed Grant welcomes applications from micro-groups, new start-ups or established organisations looking for extra support to build their capacity and work more closely with local healthcare providers. This funding round has an allocation of £30,000 and we welcome applications of £500 to £5,000 from across Humber, Coast & Vale.

Blossom Grant:
The Green Social Prescribing Blossom Grant welcomes applications from locally trusted groups that have the ambition to become future leaders in their field, but require the development of a specific skills and resources to flourish. They will have the ambition to play a future strategic role in developing Green Social Prescribing in their local area. This funding round has an allocation of £60,000 and we welcome applications of £1000 to £10,000 from across Humber, Coast & Vale.

Pollinator Grant:
The Green Social Prescribing Pollinator Grant welcomes applications from leading organisations with excellent systems in place and the resources to deliver activities with strong outcomes. This is an opportunity to apply to fund a proven activity, while supporting the programme to help others flourish and become more connected to the Humber, Coast and Vale Green Social Prescribing programme aims. This funding round has an allocation of £60,000 and we welcome applications of £5000 to £10,000 from across the Humber Coast & Vale.

The Deadline for applications is 5pm Friday 26th November 2021.


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