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Domestic Abuse: Impact on Children

May 11 @ 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Duration: 1 Day
Type: Virtual face-to-face

Course aim
To improve practitioners understanding of and response to children who are living with domestic abuse.

Learning outcomes
By the end of the course you will:

  • know what it means for a child to be a witness and victim of domestic abuse
  • understand how living with domestic abuse can affect children in the short and long term
  • understand how living with domestic abuse affects parenting capacity
  • know what you can do in your role to respond to children and families who are experiencing domestic abuse.

Please note: in addition to the 3.5 hour virtual course participants will be given preparation work to complete prior to joining the training.

ERSCP Virtual Training Ground Rules

To make sure all participants can focus on and get the most from the virtual courses available, we ask that you:

  • only apply for courses when you are free to commit to the whole session(s)
  • join early to check equipment and links are working
  • wear headphones when there are children or others around for whom it would not be appropriate to listen to the content of the course
  • use a space where there is minimal noise and no interruptions if joining from an office
  • complete all pre-course learning prior to joining a course. This is usually sent as an attachment in an email from erscp.training@eastriding.gov.uk
  • remain visible and engaged with the course activity throughout the session
  • cancel via email in advance (5 days) as we often have others on a waiting list who would like to take your place
  • email ERSCP training with “TODAY” as the subject if you are unable to take part in training on the day, you should include an explanation for why you are unable to take part (illness, personal emergency etc). Failure to do so will mean that your agency will be charged a non-attendance fee.
  • only answer calls or emails during the training when having a break
  • be kind to yourself and give yourself a break between the end of the training and your next activity.

We ask all practitioners (and their managers) applying for training to ensure in advance that they have enough time in work to complete pre-course learning and can undertake training without simultaneously doing other activities. This will enable them to focus and to gain the maximum possible from ERSCP training.



May 11
1:00 pm - 4:30 pm
East Riding Voluntary Action Services - ERVAS