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Press Release – East Riding Voluntary Action Services (ERVAS) Ltd

Volunteen Plus project receives funding from the Big Lottery Fund

East Riding Voluntary Action Services (ERVAS) Ltd is thrilled to announce that it has received funding of £180,177 from the Big Lottery Fund’s ‘Reaching Communities’ programme to support the expansion of their current youth volunteering scheme –  Volunteen.

With the additional 3 year funding the ‘Volunteen Plus’ project will be able to reach and support more vulnerable young people aged 13 – 18 who live in the north east of the East Riding of Yorkshire, helping them to improve their future prospects by engaging them in accessible and appropriate social action and volunteering activity.  Volunteen Plus will work closely in partnership with a wide range of professionals from all sectors and communities to ensure that young people have the chance to benefit from volunteering in opportunities they are interested in, gaining recognition and accreditation for their volunteering activity, increasing their confidence, skills and knowledge, whilst meeting new people and participating in new, enjoyable experiences.

For more information on Volunteen Plus, or any of the other Volunteen projects, please contact Detty Tyler on 01482 871077 email: or visit




In August 2016, ERVAS was delighted to strengthen its partnership with Hull Youth Justice Service, by employing a new Volunteen staff member to lead on their Voice and Influence work.

There is an increasing expectation, both nationally and internationally, that children and young people should be involved in decisions that affect them (Children Act 1989; UN Convention on the Rights of the Child) (Unicef, 2014).  In Hull we are working to develop a strong Voice & Influence agenda that ensures the service users for the Hull Youth Justice Service are listened to and have a say in the decisions that are made about them. So far we have put in place regular ‘meet the manager’ events, an electronic survey system that captures the young people’s views of the service as a whole and we are also working towards developing an independent youth advisory board, that will be made up of young people who will have a say in the service.  So far we have asked our young people to help design the new-look website for the service as well as matching leaflets that will be used to inform other young people about their court orders.

Devan Witter – Monitoring and Participation Officer


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Introducing Cara

Cara, aged 17, works with us on the Volunteen Green project once per week. As part of this project, Cara has volunteered throughout the summer at Frith Farm in Beverley. At Frith Farm she helped out with sowing seeds, planting out salads and harvesting. During the autumn she has volunteered at the Down to Earth Herb Garden and East Hull Community Farm. Cara is looking forward to volunteering at Pickering Road Orchard during the winter. Cara loves working outdoors and is currently studying animal care at Bishop Burton college.

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About The Volunteen Project

Volunteen is a project run by ERVAS.  It aims to help young people  aged 11 – 25 in the East Riding of Yorkshire to increase life skills, by introducing them to new and enjoyable social activities.

Volunteen enables us to reach many more young people, such as those in care or those with disabilities.  Helping us to provide one to one assistance for those who need additional support to volunteer.

Volunteen works with Secondary Schools, as well as a wide mixture  of groups from the voluntary, statutory and private sector.  Our aim is to ensure that all young people in East Yorkshire have the chance to benefit from volunteering.

The project increases young people’s confidence, self esteem, skill and knowledge. The opportunities they take part in are chosen especially to suit their interest, and will help them to develop as an individual and enhance their future.

Why volunteer?

People choose to volunteer for a variety of reasons. For some it offers the chance to give something back to the community or make a difference to the people around them

Regardless of the reasons they volunteer, what unites them all is that they find it both challenging and rewarding.

How can volunteering help young people?

  • Gaining new skills and knowledge
  • Enhancing a CV for work or university
  • Improving your employment prospects
  • Gaining an award or accreditation
  •  Meeting new people and making friends
  •  Having fun

Volunteering for Young People in East Riding (VYPER) recognition scheme vyper logo

VYPER and VYPER Plus are schemes which allows you to collect certificates of recognition for all the volunteering that you already do.

All you need to do is record your hours in your log book given to you by your mentor and start collecting                       certificates.

This means you can gain recognition for your efforts and build a dynamic C.V. along with a portfolio of your volunteering without disrupting your studies or anything else you already do.

There are different levels of awards:

  • Up to 30 hours: volunteer recognition
  • 30+ hours:     Bronze Award
  • 60+ hours:     Silver Award
  • 90+ hours:     Gold Award
  • 400+ hours:   Outstanding Contribution Award

Participation in VYPER can also lead to…

  • Nationally recognised schemes such as Vinspired and the Princess Diana award
  • Participation in other national and international voluntary schemes.
  • International volunteering
  • A volunteering portfolio to demonstrate your employability skills

National Citizen Service

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Young People engaging with Volunteen, the National Citizen Service (NCS) is looked into as an identified pathway to aid personal development.

Do you want to meet new people, travel to new places, try new experiences designed to challenge you to be the best you can be, all for just £50!   Still interested? Then why not visit: for more information on the range of activities and benefits that NCS offers to young people.

Also, did you know NCS is a nationally recognized programme that helps young people to gain valuable skills and experiences for their future education, training and employment applications, including UCAS if you are thinking of applying to university.

“I met people and did activities that I would have never done if I hadn’t done NCS…I have learnt about the importance of teamwork, cooperation and taking into account everyone’s emotions and opinions, these are very important life skills…and will be extremely helpful later in life.”   NCS Graduate summer 2015.


 2017 Positive Activity Grant (PAG) Presentation Evening –

Press Release

The East Riding of Yorkshire Youth and Family Support (YFS) Service recently hosted the Positive Activities Grant awards presentation evening at County Hall in Beverley. Grants were awarded to successful voluntary youth organisations from across the County.

We are pleased to announce that East Riding Voluntary Action Services were awarded £1,000 towards supporting young people to participate in volunteering and social action programmes across the East Riding.


“Volunteen has helped me make new friends, memories and a new way of thinking about the people around me”


The Director of Children, Families & Schools – Kevin Hall who presented the Positive Activities Grant (PAG) awards commented “It was wonderful to meet Colette and Hannah from the Volunteen project. The award will enable the groups to deliver positive activities to children and young people to help improve their personal, social, educational development as well as provide some great fun activities”

For more information about Volunteen, please contact 01482 871077 or email

YFS contact for further information Phil Jackson, Partnerships & Participation Strategic Manager on 01482 392804






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What we do

We’re the nation’s leading youth volunteering charity…

We believe that young people can change the world.

We provide young people with opportunities to gain new experiences and skills for life by taking action on causes they care about.

We’ve created more than one million volunteering opportunities. So far, over 164,000 young people have used to volunteer with more than 4,400 charities.

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