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Home Office announces free portable criminal-record checks for volunteers

‘Thank You’ from the Volunteer Centre

Volunteer Centre East Riding would like to thank everyone who took part in our local campaign last year to keep all portable criminal-record checks (CRBs) free for volunteers, with the introduction of the new system of checking. See article below. 

Home Office announces free portable criminal-record checks for volunteers 

The Home Office has announced that new portable criminal-record checks will be free for volunteers, following calls from volunteering organisations including Volunteering England. 

The ‘Update Service’ means that once a volunteer has had a criminal-record check, they should not need to face a new check every time they start a new volunteering role. Instead, the system will allow an organisation to check online to see whether the volunteer’s circumstances have changed since their first check. 

It was feared that government would charge a fee for using the updating system which would have created an unnecessary barrier to volunteering. Volunteering England has repeatedly argued the case that all checks should be free for volunteers.

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